Hypnotherapy is a natural method of altering your state of mind. Your sub-conscious programming can be accessed and new insights and understandings are formed. Your hypnotherapy appointment is always individually tailored to suit your personal situation and needs. I aim to put you back in control of your life as quickly as possible. This might be just a one off session. Or around 3 to 5 sessions for more complex issues, spread over a number of weeks.

If appropriate to your issue, you will be taught various techniques to help you. Once learnt, they can be called upon whenever you need them in the future. You will also be given a back-up CD to listen to on a regular basis.

As a result you can expect to receive long lasting relief from symptoms that may have troubled you for a long time.

Initial consultation appointment.

Your FREE initial consultation gives you an understanding of the investment into your future that you are about to undertake. No treatment takes place during the Initial Consultation. This is the time to discuss your reason for contacting me and to ascertain whether hypnotherapy is appropriate for you. It is also the opportunity for you to understand how hypnotherapy works and the appropriate time to dispell any concerns you may have.


Everyone is a unique being, with different circumstances, situations and experiences of life. In addition, everyone responds differently so whilst every effort is made to give an accurate indication as to how long treatment will take, this may vary at any time according to how the responses to therapy progress and may take less time or more than initially indicated.

Each session of therapy will last approximately 60 minutes and the cost of a single, general therapy session is £55. The price includes CD support and is payable at the end of each session by cash or by debit / credit card please.

The single smoking cessation session lasts up to 2 hours, the cost of this single session is £140. Session cost includes the CD support and is at the end of the 2 hour session in cash or by debit / credit card please.

Success is not guaranteed and full client commitment, such as listening to the CDs provided, is important for our sessions together to be worthwhile. Clients must be willing to work with me in order to effect their desired changes.

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