Behavioural Habits and OCD

Behavioural habits and OCD cover anything from blushing, nail biting, hair pulling and bed-wetting. Also included are obsessions, compulsions and self-harming.

Hypnosis is successfully used with a variety of habit disorders. These include;

  • thumb-sucking
  • nail-biting
  • hair-pulling
  • skin picking
  • tongue thrusting
  • teeth grinding amongst others.


However you feel is likely reflected in how you behave. For example, those who self-harm are often punishing themselves or perhaps gaining relief from emotional pain until in the end it just becomes a habit.

Change happens.

Maybe you began smoking or drinking ‘socially’, and now they are more like bad habits. When a change happens, it happens in your thinking, your feeling and your behaviour. Consequently, habits can be effectively removed and replaced with hypnosis. As a result often quite quickly and without ‘will-power’ and side-effects.

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