Eating Disorders, Weight Gain and Addictions

Maybe you have been substituting food and eating for comfort or love. Perhaps your relationship with food is one of control, power, and self-expression.

Maybe you’ve been one of those people who has always been big, battling with your weight, on and off, for most of your life. Maybe you have steadily been gaining weight and not really realised until recently.

Maybe your weight is your disguise, to hide or protect you and these hidden functions that may have been learned through example or maybe experiences in life – reward, consolation, bribes. These days you may realise that these old habits are really no longer useful to you; in fact, they are probably quite the opposite. Maybe you are just beginning to realise this. Maybe it has never occurred to you that this is what has been happening.

Perhaps you are wondering if you have an addiction problem, whether it is alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or anything else.

Feelings and negative thought patterns can be released through hypnosis. Then, replaced with more helpful and constructive feelings and thought patterns in a reliable and complete way. You can then release yourself from eating disorders, weight gain and addictions.

Always check with your GP about your general health, especially if your problem has been particularly distressing or is impacting on your life in a major way in which case you may need to seek professional medical help.