Panic Attacks, Phobias and Fears

The human brain is the most complex organ in the body and contains around 20 billion cells. They’re responsible for everything from dreaming and movement to appetite and emotions.

At the start of life our sub-conscious mind is ‘empty’. But as we grow, learn and experience life this unlimited ‘database’ or ‘library’ stores all our experiences, perceptions, emotions, learned responses, beliefs and habits. This library of information is used to protect us in life against threats from the outside world. It also motivates us to fulfil our needs from life.

Sometimes we go to our library and mismatch events. This is when we can begin to respond in the wrong way. Experiencing problems such as fears or panic attacks or maybe developing a phobic response.

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are a vicious cycle and can begin when you feel something life threatening is happening to you, unconsciously you set up a cycle of panic responses that bring on yet more panic attacks.


Phobias can result in altered behaviour; such an example would be the fear of open spaces, dirt, odours, fire, strangers or maybe flying. Phobias are very specific and contained and you may have a phobia and yet be perfectly happy and content apart from this issue.


Fears can be many and various but anything that has been learned in this unconscious way can be un-learned and something different learned in its place through hypnosis.